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Dunlop Radial Rover A/T


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I would say the Grabber AT2 is the next best thing to a BFG AT personally, and a useful amount cheaper.

I don't really think Dunlop have much market penetration at all in the UK 4x4 market, you certainly don't see them advertised much.

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Looking at the rating system of one our tire/tyre suppliers I see the General rates fairly highly, 5th out of 20 tires rated. Pretty good for one with a 'generally' :P poor reputation. I think the car range of products might be the ones as the source of that reputation.

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Agree with the Scorpion A/Ts, superb for the Disco.

Have a look round for Dunlop RV Major. Used them in 31x10.5 on 15x8 rims for the Series, did a great job. That size would probably screw up the gearing on a Disco, but they may be available in taller sizes.

Failing that go for it on a set of proper Dunlop sand tyres in 900x16, bodywork will require re-working here and there, they are the dogs danglies. As long as it don't rain a lot where you are. :P


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Looking for Dunlop Sand Tires, pretty much all I get is ATV and Motorcycle applications. Do they look anything like any of those at this site:


Regarding the obsolete Pirelli's, you'd think I'd learn, I've been through this with Pirelli before and really just wish we knew when they were going to drop a product line.......I'd have stocked myself with another set at least.

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