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Tailgate question


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Hi all, have just started to restore and old 2 door rangy and thought I would start with an easy one!!

Can you fit a late tailgate with internal handle to an old rangy that used to have an external handle?

thanks in advance

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Not sure about the physical dimensions of the tailgate, but I'd be surprised if they have changed.

However, the early ones located on 2 rather large pins fixed to the bodywork. IIRC the later tailgates didn't have the locators or the fixing holes for them. So in answer to your question... No :rolleyes:

D B)

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Unfortunately the later one will not fit without an extensive rework of the locking arrangement at the body side.

But the good news is earlier external locking taigates are fairly easy to find in reasonable nick, I have two spare ones in my cellar which I bought thinging it would be easy to convert to slam locks. In the end I found a decent slam lock for daughters rusty RR. These two are spare for my own earlier Rangie but woulsd consider a sale of one if interested. I am up in Cumbria though !

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