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I need new adjusters on the rear of the 110. I have seen a kit from one of the parts suppliers and it looks a good job but when replacing the old ones do they tap out or does the top need grinding off? To let the cam come off the backplate.

Then I assume the new ones need hammering over (cant think of the right word) and then a spot of weld, belt and braces style.

Any thoughts or directions would be appreicated.


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Yes that is the kit alright, but I have seen them much cheaper they are more than likely pattern parts but should do alright.

I am still interested in finding out how the old ones come out and the new ones go in. I have managed to get a 2 backplates 1x 109 1x 110 slight difference in them though to put on if I cant sort out the adjuster kit. The 110 is up for MOT 11/3 so I still have some time but do not want to leave it too late.


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