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defender rear halfshafts


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posted last week in the defender forum but got no reply....

was doing the rear hub seal and when i took off the rubber cap on the end of the h/shafts to take the circlip off i noticed the letters H D stamped on the halfshaft end. i went and looked at the other halfshafts in the workshop and couldnt see anything stamped on them. does this mean they are heavy duty or am i just hoping!

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Guest diesel_jim

90 shafts with HD in them are 24 spline V8 jobbies.

pull them right out and there'll be 24 splines at the diff end. pretty strong.

now, you could have a 4 pin HD diff (very strong) or just a later 2 pin 24 spline 300Tdi-era diff....

pull both shafts out, and peer through the hole... if you can see a small cross bar in the diff, then it's a 2 pin. if the hole is "clear" then a 4 pin (assuming that these are factory diffs)

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