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Reducing clutch pedal pressure


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Has anyone fitted an extra slave cylinder, or a different one, in order to make the clutch feel lighter?

I remember reading a thread years ago on LRE forums but that's long gone.

Anyone got a link? Advice?

I know many peeps find the pedal heavy, so any definitive advice would be good for all of us!

(200tdi 90)

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You could fit a 300 Tdi Defender clutch pedal assy. These have a different spring arrangement (breakover spring?) which assists on the downward push as well as the return. Not as light as a normal car clutch pedal but much, much easier.


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western, any idea how much the whole pedal box assembly costs? Does it bolt straight in? (still reading..)


ok just found part numbers posted by western elsewhere.

for future reference:

LR part number of mine is ANR3400 probably superseded by this version now SUB100320

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