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Rust on the rear - is this an MOT fail?


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Someone's dumped this in my back garden:


Because it apparently needs some welding on the back end, however I'm not 100% sure this would be an MOT fail?


(This is the left rear body mount, which is OK, it's just the floor crossmember that's crusty on the end)

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I found a web site recently that contained the MOT guidlines for examiners but i cant find it!

Bugger as it deals specifically with cars that have seperate body and chassis like the Rangie.

It was quite clear that the body mount points are an integral part of the vehicle structure and therefore corrsion within 30cm of said points would fail.

That said mine passed with a rotten rear crossmember so it comes down to the examiner

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I was asked if I could have a look at welding the rear body mount, which is at least relatively easy to get to. Turns out to be the body x-member dunnit? :( and from the link above it looks like doing it properly involves taking the back of the truck apart :blink:

When are you bringing the spanners round then, Bill? :ph34r:

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Ah the joy of daughters. I hope one of them wants to learn to weld oneday:)

Funnily enough I bought a welder last summer intending to learn, but I picked it up the same day I delivered the Range Rover to Zuz and Jez, and have been lacking anything to attack since then. Seems like I'd have had something to attack if I'd sold the Discovery instead!

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