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Leaking core plug 200TDi

Dave Disco

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Been wondering for a while where the slight coolant drip I've been seeing was coming from, it was weird because the drip appears half way along the gearbox! Looks like its the core plug at the rear of the engine on the block below the head. Nice. 50p part but the lump has to come out to replace it :angry: So, is this a common leak spot and does anybody have a decent picture of this area?

I thank you!

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I believe the 200 and 300 TDi's are the same. If so - there are two core plugs at the back - one in the head, and one in the block, just above the flywheel housing.


I replaced the one on the back of the head without removing it once, but I think the lower one would be harder to do. Perhaps removing the engine mounts and lowering the engine/gearbox down would give you enough room to do it.

Rusted core plugs are a sign that there hasn't been enough (or any) anti-freeze in the system, so there's a chance that the other plugs aren't far behind the one that's leaking. It would perhaps be a good idea to replace both of them while you are there.


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sure about that, nice and clean it is.... treated it with rust converter also (tho I'm not sure its steel!) You know that forward one got a habbit of filling up with dirt and starts corroding... we use non silicon sealants at work, good for Aluminium and othe alloys...thought I might use it to seal the plug, or chem metal if its safer

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