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Buying a second hand compresser


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This is my first post so please excuse my ignorance.

Im looking to buy a second hand compresser to help in my iminent landy rebuild. Im going to look at one tomorrow which is driven by a honda petrol engine. It is described in good working order but is 12 years old.

What should i check for / look at? Its made by clarke and is 9cfm if that makes any difference.

Thanks for looking.


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If it develops ait pressure - it's probably good enough. Generally it's the motors which die on compressors. With a petrol engine - it should go on for centuries!

Take something like an impact wrench which uses a lot of air with you. See if it keeps up. You should be able to judge roughly the cfm by the duty cycle you can run the gun at.


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It MIGHT be able to keep up with one of the smaller full size guns but it is going to be marginal.

9cfm is probably its displacement. Free Air Delivery (FAD) is the important figure & will be lower.

Have a look at Machine Mart & others at sprayguns to see what their cfm requirement is.

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For what its worth, I have heard that older tanks rust out from the inside (due to water vapour in the air). In the end you start getting pinhole leaks from the tank and its effectively useless. I have no experience of this, but there may be some truth to it which justifies avoiding older units (tanks, at least).

Cheers, Al.


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