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Enolution2 75W90 in an LT85

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Hi all,

Its to change the oil in my LT85. I was wondering if anyone had experience of Difflocks Enolution2 75W90 (or any synthetic 75W90) in an LT85. Currently have 20W50 and I was wondering if there is anything to gain by changing? Gear change is good (in LT85 terms) at the moment with no real gearbox noise either.



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Hi, I run Redline synthetic in my Lt85 , have done for years, MT 90 which is a 75/90 with friction modifiers which was ideal for Oz In UK I would think MTL would be better as it would suit the lower temps . I dont know baout EVo oil but it would need to be quite fluid at lower temps due to the integral pump in the LT85 what do their tech dept say, redline were very helpful when i chose which of their range to run in what parts of the trans HTSH

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Oils are an absolute nightmare aren't they :lol:


I have a LT85 and LT230 in the 90,

after extensive chatting to those in the Know,

ie manufactuers and people who do know what they are on about I would say

The quality of the oil is key - not as in the "make" as in how often changed how new, decently clean, and uncontaminated.

You can have the whizzist oil in a box, if say water is in their then its in destruct mode, so REGAULAR cahnges are the order of the day

As to the oil itself, 20/50 mineral like say Duckhams Classic or Texaco 20/50 is more than good enough, aviod the really cheap oils as they can be sub standard and thin.

However, if you think "I'll spoil it" and shove in synthetic or even semi synthetic you can find the "Stickyness" of the oil means horrendously

poor gear chnages when not hot as it holds the baulk rings and syncros with the viscosity, so do not do it

A cheapish but GOOD quality 20/50 mineral is the oil to pop in a LT85,

Similarly on LT230, ep90 of a decent grade or 85/90W if you can't get 90 is the order of the day and change it regaulrly,

both contanimation and gears squeezing oils can have a hugely damaging effect



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