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Black Smoke No Go


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Hi there, i am new to this Forum, and just like to say HI to everyone

Right now with the problem!

Disco 300tdi

S Reg


Air con


Smoking really bad, black when u put your foot down and no go, then it picks up after afew seconds (ie 10 - 15 secs).

The Intercooling pipes have been changed.....

Any ideas??????? Please Please Please

Would the turbo be on its way out????

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I don't know what age an S reg is but it sounds like the EGR valve jammed open to me, this feeds exhaust gas back into the intake system to reduce (ha!) emissions but when working properly should close as soon as you demand full power, if it jams open the engine is trying to burn a load of fuel in not very much oxygen hence F all power and F lots of smoke.

First thing to check anyway...

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Just spoke to the garage, they said that there is a mod regarding the EGR valve. They said the EGR valve is a common problem, and to take the EGR out and replace it with a blanking pipe, or something like that...,

So, lets see if thats cures the problem with it smoking and no go!!!

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Just heard from the garage where I got the Disco from, they have done the EGR mod and everything seems to be fine. They said they have took it up the road for a spin and the power is there and no smoke, but I will check it tom when pick it up.

Do you think that might fix the power dieing off then coming back on again arind 3000 - 4000 revs??? LAst time they said its the Waste gate valave???



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Could do ... the EGR valve opens at certain part throttle settings but then should shut off above certain load/speed ranges - maybe it wasn't shutting the valve when it should.

The whole EGR system is rubbish anyway and any Tdi engine which has it is better off without it IMHO. If it ain't there it can't break :)

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