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It pays to stand your ground


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Thought this was worth relaying to you guys -

My English uncle has had Range Rovers all the time I've known him (he's an inlaw) and in fact he still has the RRC Vogue SE he bought new in '91, it has 200k miles on it and I kidyou not it sounds like a Swiss watch and has never been rebuilt. He never missed a service.

Anyhoo last year he bought a very low mileage DHSE P38. He wasn't tre impressed with the power and we'd spoken many times about him getting it upgraded. So finally he did. 50% increase in bhp or whatever from JE methinks.

Anyway his insurance came up and being a consciencious chap he let them know about the upgrade and they promptly refuse to reinsure him! This is the RAC by the way. So he frantically searched for a new insurer. He got one but they explained that they had to put a 30% loading on his policy cause of the mod. We'll he wasn't impressed but went along with it as it was still the best quote he'd had.

We were chatting again a little later and I showed him an old article in LRO or LRM reviewing the P38 D and talking about how underpowered it was and how a chip or remap was a real sensible upgrade. It basically spelt out that the car was slow from the factory and how this mod would make it acceptable - but not fast.

So he faxes the article to the insurance company accompanied with a phone call explaining the situation and asked them to take the matter to the underwriters...

He got the 30% loading taken back off the policy!

Job done.

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Reminds me of the time my mate, an insurance underwriter for big insurance company, rang me to ask my advice to try resolve a LR related cutsomer dispute . Customer had declared an Overfinch engine upgrade on his RR. My mate wanted to load his premium. Customer not happy used the line that although the cubic capacity and power had been significantly increased, this was of little consequence as far as insurers were concerned. The only reason he'd uprated his RR was for I quote 'improved mpg'. Nice try.....

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