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Electric Fans for V8 Disco


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Hi, I have a Disco 1 3.9(LPG) with Auto box and air con shod with 235/85/16s on a 2 inch lift with roof rack etc so the engine works fairly hard at times I have been thinking of putting an electric fan into it instead of the standard viscous unit to claim some power and fuel back.

I am put off by the price of Kenlowe/Pacet kits in comparison with the time it would take to claim my money back, I have seen some people on here have used second hand mondeo units and was wondering if anyone had any experience of what type model to look for and which thermostat system to fit to make it work and even how much difference it would make to power/fuel?

How is it made to fit?

Any advice/info would be greatly appreciated.



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Use an X-Eng fan switch (forum discount you know!) and then wander the scrapyard with a tape-measure. Your rad is wide so a pair of 12" fans will probably be what you need rather than a single big one.

As for fuel economy, not sure really, can't hurt though as you don't have a big fan flapping about all the time. Also I reckon it's kinder to your water pump bearings with it removed.

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