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110 knock knock knock at slow speed

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The 110 has developed an audible knocking that increases with road speed and is more noticable with power on.

127k, recon gearboxes 8k ago, propshafts solid (ie no play).

Nothing loose underneath (trailing arm bushes etc)

When jacked up handbrake on, there is a little noise that sounds similar if rotate wheels and there is a mild whiring noise as well.

I plan to take half shafts at the weekend, to have a look.

Has anyone got any advice?

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Wheel bearing or possibly pinion bearing?

Wheel bearings not showing any signs of movement on either side, the noise seems to be related to the amount of 'play' between each of the two wheels when off the ground, there is quite a bit of movement in one wheel when changing direction of rotation, before the other goes the opposite way.

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Maybe too simple but check your wheel nuts, and also check that the handbrake isn't binding as this snatches and grabs and bangs! stumpy ;)

take your point on nuts and parking brake, it does not go down as far as some others.

Got new drive flanges coming from Barretts Canterbury as have experienced them being a bit slack will have a look on Saturday if its not raining.

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I got local LR Dealer to price up new half shafts and flange drive plates, LR OE parts were over £400.00!

He also quoted me BritPart (switched on or what) and we settled for a much more reasonable amount (to my liking)and I fitted them today.

With both wheels off the ground, I measured how far one would move without affecting the other one (parking brake on). At the outside of one of the tyres, the offside wheel moved a massive 65mm !

After the new shafts and flanges are in, this is down to 15mm !

I know that the remaining play must be in the diff, but WOW does the 110 drive better. It was noticable on letting the clutch out, when letting off the throttle in 2nd or 1st, but thats all gone now, gear changes are much smoother, and when in town driving (2nd gear) the judder has vanished.

The whole thing costs just a little more than a full tank of diesel !

Also the traction control does not kick in on taking up the drive any more !

All in all a good hours work ! :rolleyes:

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Did the same job over the weekend too, only I had to grid off one drive member off :angry: .

I had to change half shafts, as the new drive members would not fit on the old shafts. There's still a bit of play with one wheel lifted, but the drive is vastly improved. :)

Wish I've done it ages ago.

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