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200Tdi - differences between Defender & Discovery

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I have an original Defender 200Tdi with a tired engine, and I have also just scrapped my old 200 tdi Discovery which had a good engine. How easy is it to put the Discovery engine in the Defender?

I know I'll need to change the exhaust manifold and turbo over, and I think I'll need to change the front cover. Is there anything else I need to worry about?


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When you take the timing chest over you will have to take the PAS, alt.

Well basicaly anything bolted to the front cover. Also the inj pump or you might get away with taking the bracket that holds it in place.

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you've covered most of the differences,

timing case

engine mounts


& having both vehicles with all the required parts it should be a easy swap, internally both engines are identical.

I stand to be corrected on this, but I think that the Disco runs a different cam to the Defender as well.


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If I rememeber rightly when I did it, the springs on the rockers are also different.

just my pennies worth...

the turbo is slightly different... its a 3 thread instead of 4 threads/lugs - what ever - - -but if you change the manifold - which you will, there aint a a problem.

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