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Defender 300tdi 109bhp or 139bhp?


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I have a 1995 Defender 300tdi 90.

The last couple of times I have bought an air or oil filter I have been asked if my engine is 109bhp or 139bhp as the part numbers are different. I have even been shown the two different air filters, both are the same cylindrical shape but one has holes all through the filter and one has holes two thirds through the filter.

I have spoke to my local Land Rover dealer, giving them my chassis no. etc, but having spoke to about four people there, all of which didn't seem to know much about this, I am now a tad confused.

Does anyone know if there is two different engines fitted in 1995, and if so how to tell which is which.


Andy. :(

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All Defender 300Tdi uses thia air filter element ESR2623, don't where they got 109 & 139 bhp from all Defender 300's are 111bhp, it's the Defebder 200Tdi that's lower at 107bhp and this uses filter element NTC6660, There's only one spec for Defender 300Tdi's, maybe the supplier is confusing the Discovery auto variant with your variant, autobox vehicles have a higher bhp to allow from losses in the transmission.

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I suggest you tell the supplier they don't know their ar&& from their elbow!!!

1) There are no 109bhp 300Tdi's, nor any 139bhp ones... all mechanically injected 300Tdis are 111bhp, and IIRC the EDC ones fitted to later auto Discoverys are 120bhp. Yours will be 111bhp standard mechanical injection. The later International 300Tdis (like my new 90 has) are quoted as 115 I think, but it is PS or CV or some inferior foreign measurement, not bhp, so it is probably the same.

2) All 300Tdis fitted to all vehicles, along with most if not all Rover V8s (maybe not v v old ones but definitely recent 3.5/3.9/4.0), all 200Tdis, 2.5 petrols, 2.5 diesels, TDs and probably others as well, use the same oil filter: ERR3340. There is an older filter p/no ERR1168 which is a longer type but this has long since been superceded to ERR3340 which does all the Rover engines except a Td5, the part number of the Td5 one is LPX100590 for the full flow filter and ERR6299 for the rotor element. Newer stuff like Td4/TDV6 etc has different filters again, some of these are paper element ones like the 2.25 Series 3 ones.

3) All 300Tdi Defender air filters from 1995 model year (March 94 onwards) right up to and including the latest 2006 model year 300Tdis, use the same air filter ESR2623. Anybody who says otherwise is talking b****cks!! As it happens I just had one put in my 90 today (2004 model year) the exact same filter as my previous 1995 90 used.

4) The other cylindrical filters they are waving around are probably 2.5 or 200Tdi ones (there are 2 types of 200Tdi ones though I don't remember the number offhand; I could easily find out if reqd) both I think are bigger in diameter than 300Tdi and may also be a different length.

5) While I'm on a roll, 300Tdis also all use the same fuel filter AEU2147L, Defender and Discovery.

Any Land Rover dealer or aftermarket supplier will recognise those numbers, and any parts salesman with half a clue should be able to quote them off the top of his/her head IMHO....

So tell 'em to stick that in their pipe and smoke it :P

HTH - if you need any more ammo let me know :)


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mmm went to an auto factor once and while we were waiting this chap behind the counter, stated he stocked every bit for every car. So my smart ar** mate asked for a set of spark plugs for a Disco 200 TDi. we put the bloke out of his misery after he spent Half and hour looking for them and the part number. So since then i have had not alot of faith in them. They were a motor factory who is based off juntion 4 of the M3

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PMSL @ Reads90 mi7.gif

My initial reply might have had a bit of "humph" in it but frankly anybody who runs a parts counter and doesn't immediately know most or all the p/no for basic things like filters off the top of their head (never mind spouting the sort of drivel that Landyandy was being quoted!) ought to be looking for a new job .... I rarely deal with that stuff at work nowadays but I still know most of the numbers for filters/pads/bushes without even looking..... the main parts bloke at work probably has 1000+ part numbers in his head without needing to look them up - and he's not often wrong....

For some reason your story reminded me of an incident at work a few years ago...

Cocky bloke who used to work in the workshop came in "gimme a set of spark plugs for a Fiat Panda"


came back with 4 x NGK plugs

CB: "No it only has 3" (thinking a 3 cyl engine for some reason!?!?)

Slightly amazed look

Ok, have 3 then if it makes you happy.... put 4th one back on the shelf

15 min later, he comes back

"Can I have a spark plug for a Fiat Panda"

<plot hatches rapidly>

"Sorry, we just sold the last one to xxxxx for a lawnmower"

"Oh SH^^ what am I gonna do now?" (goes away to try to explain to the supervisor why he only got 3 the first time round and has now fitted them)

Cue everybody PMSL and falling about laughing....

Revenge is sweet :lol:

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i recently serviced my 300tdi defender, got the all the filters no probs , but when i asked for the axillary drive belt they list 2 , one beeing 15mm longer than the other , i took a chance with the smaller of the 2 but it was 15mm to short :(

how come there are two belts listed , is one for the disco ?

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There are actually 4 genuine parts belts; 2 lengths, and squeaky/non-squeaky in each :)

ERR3287 is the longer belt, or the equivalent length non squeak one is PQS000030 (which still squeaks, just a bit less). This fits early vehicles with the big (about 61mm) alternator pulley, 1994/95 age vehicles.

ERR5911 is the shorter belt/or PQS000040 for a quiet(er) version, fits everything from some time in 95 or early 96 onwards, with the smaller (about 49mm) alternator pulley. This belt is fitted right up to the current models.

The smaller pulley was fitted to later vehicles, apparently to speed up the alternator at engine idle and therefore improve the charging at idle speed, but of course needs a slightly shorter belt to compensate (though actually I think the long one will fit either vehicle and work OK, it just isn't quite as tight on the "wrong" sort of vehicle).

Same belts fitted to Disco & Defender engines, just varies by age.

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