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Grilles for LR Defender 110, 2005

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On my LR Defender 110, 2005 I've already fitted rear window grilles and am about to have grilles made for the rear side windows and passenger door windows, to be fitted permanently (also on the driver and front passenger doors and windscreen, to be removable). The purpose of all this is anti-theft security on a journey we are going to make.

I am considering the pros and cons of fitting the rear-window and passenger door-window grilles INSIDE / OUTSIDE.

Inside: (1) harder to force off (should anyone go to that extreme): to get them off, windows would have to be broken

(2) allowance needs to be made for retaining access to catches for sliding windows

Outside: It will be difficult or impossible to clean the windows properly; but on the other hand, windows not likely to be broken by stones/rocks etc.

Any opinions, please? I would like to hear from anyone who's fitted grilles, and anyone else, and if you have time or inclination it would be good to see photographs of how removable grilles (front doors and windscreen) have been mounted. Thanks.

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I'd go for outside every time.

Security shouldn't be any different - if someone is going to go to the trouble of forcing your grilles off then they'll get in somehow regardless.

Pain in the a*se not being able to open the windows efficiently + mounting inside would take up space, surely.

Are you leaving your vehicle for prolongued periods of time? Seems a bit extreme fitting a front window guard - might be better to fit a dog guard behind the front seats.

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