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Woopee, Forum merchandise

Les Henson

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Yes folks, at long last there is top quality tat up for grabs for notalot of money, more collectable than an LRE sticker, and infinitely better quality (sorry bigfoot).

First up are the forum stickers. They will hopefully be available within the next couple of weeks. Just waiting for a couple of samples for approval. The design is very similar to the one at the top of the page, but with a transparent background so it will look like it's stenciled on your luvverly Motah! There may in the future be other designs for you picky types, but these will be first. There will be ones with an adhesive back for use on the outside of a vehicle, and ones with adhesive on the print face for inside glass.

Second are winch finger savers. For those of you that don't know what these are - they go on the hook of the winch and are retianed by the hook clip. You pull out the cable/washing line or control tension as you reel in, and these things prevent your hand from being drawn into the winch (the hook will jam it before your fingers are close enough to be crushed or ripped off). Suggested by Hybrid-from-hell, these things are an excellent idea just from a safety point of view.

Take a look at them here:-

http://www.yellowstrap.com/itemsforsale.htm (bottom of the page)

Bulk price is £3.27 each, but as with the stickers, they will be sold at a small profit which will go into the forum fund.

No definite prices yet, but as soon as we know, it'll be posted on here. Any prices will include semi-naked babe delivering said items to your door.

And you laydees - an Adonis of your choice :)

Les. :)

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So you would buy your wife/girfriend an 'LR4X4.com' t-shirt or baseball cap as an xmas prezzy Simon?

Do you no longer need you wrinkly bits, care where they are located, or indeed how upright you walk?

I think it would have to be a brave man or a fool to try this.

Les. :D

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