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Niagra Grey Paint

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Does anyone know a suitable non OE replacement colour for the above?

A delightful person scratched 'easy' across my bonnet and I dont really want to take the long trip out to coniston and pay undoubtedly over the odds for a OE can.

I've gone with a temporary fix with a fiat metallic black but would love to get a colour that blends in a little better.

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Why would you take a trip if it can be delivered to your door?

The easiest way is to order the touch up paint from a LR parts dealer.

The part #s are:

- STC1449VA (old # STC1449A) for the spray paint

- STC1449VT (old # STC1449T) for the touch up pencil

For the job you have I think the pencil would be more suitable.

They cost about 7 quid each plus less than a fiver p&p.

Or go to your local paint shop with the bonnet (or the entire vehicle if you find it easier :P), they'll match the color with the samples they have, program the mixing computer and that's it. They even can bottle it in a spray can if you like. But I don't think it will cost you much less than the genuine.

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Bonnet, roof, most bootlids. Need complete panel respray. Anything else will be visible.


See if you can get hold of a touch-up stick/can of MG Rover "Anthracite", it's the same colour (mums R 416 matched my "old" 90 CSW).


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I do SMART paint repairs for a living.

The paint code you require for Land Rover Niagara is LVD or 574. Same colour, two codes. I've looked it up on a couple of paint manufacturer sites & there is at least one variant shade so you would be safer to check against colour swatches before ordering paint if you want a good match.

Have a look in yellow pages for 'Motor Factors' but ring first as not all do paint. When you find one, take the car in & check it. Some will also put it in aerosols for you.

Yes, it is also a Rover colour, different name, same LVD code & formulas. Not unusual to find that with Land Rover and Rover.

As already suggested (the numbers given there are LR part numbers & meaningless to a Motor Factor)you can get it delivered to save you the cost of the trip.

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Cheers thats what I was looking for I'll be able to get Rover paint locally no probs and test it in the arches where tin worm has done its work.

And yep Paintman your right no way a touch up pen will cover the damage, I could think of one use for it once I've finished on someones kneecaps :)

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