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HT Leads - Which order please?


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Hi All,

P38 1995 MY P38 4.0SE V8.

I'm just about to change my HT leads and it occured to me that I shouldn't just assume the HT leads are currently connected in the right combination! So can I just sense check the current set up please?

OK, as I stand at the rad grille and look towards the windscreen the HT leads are numbers as follows:

Vehicle Offside/ Vehicle Nearside


8 / 7

6 / 5

4 / 3

2 / 1

Front of the vehicle

The HT leads are then connected to the coil packs in this order (from left to right).

2 3 7 4 5 8 6 1

Is this right?

All advice is welcome!

Thanks in advance.

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I think its all ok

2468 and 1357 is correct for the banking

The plug leads into the coil pack looks correctish from memory - the packs fire alternate bankings.

I did have this somewhere for late engines as this, but can't seem to find it, 99.9& sure its correct tho :)

Other way is that if you have no misfire they are also correct

Nige :lol:

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