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drum brakes


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I know this refers to a defender, however thought guys reading the series forum may have more experience with drum brakes.

I have purchased new shoes, drums and adjuster kit, for the back axle (110, 1986 - 1987) - Have never done anything with drum brakes before.

All seemed to be going well, however have made mistake of buying from britpart, the drums are a very close fit around the shoes - seems to be overcoe by varying the height the shoes sit at on the lower pivot (permament pivot - rather than later removable type).

The issue surrounds the adjsuters (these are the two part ones with a securing bolt from the outer side of the backing plate into a threaded spogot. Once fitted with the shoes the adjusters seem to have more of a tedancy to push the shoe out (towards the outside of the truck) rather than making the daimeter of the shoes vary. Then after prolonged adjustment the securing screw starts to undo - this seems very bad so was going to lock tight this in.

Has anybody seen this? can't work out if i'm doing something obviously wrong (which seems hard with the limited number of parts) - am using new springs as well.

I have checked ive got the leading and trailing shoes in the correct order ( just to check - trailing ones - friction pad starts higher than the leading one?)

Finally the drum securing screw paddocks sent is too large - were there two different sizes?

An idoits guide to getting this right would be greatly appreciated.


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I went out to check my vehicle but I fitted the backing plates on upside down,and possibly left to right as well to get around the portal boxes. From memory the trailing (rear )shoes adjuster peg is the higher of the two, to line up with the snail cama djuster that is also mounted higher up on the backing plate. If the shoes are fitted the wrong way round turning the snail cam will move the shoe up or down but not outwards squarely against the drum.Do you have the brake shoespring fitted correctly? They should be hooked in through the back of the shoe web so that the shoes sit squarely against the backing plate. 110's had metric brake drum retaining screws wheras series vehicles had 3/8'' UNC/Whit screws.


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One of my adjusters would do the same (push the shoe away from vehicle rather than towards the drum)

I was getting desperate as my MOT was due within a few hours.

Turns out I had my brakes on wrong - last guy who owned it really fudged it.

Some guy at LRO posted this and all was well with the world


Hope it helps you as much as it did me

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