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Disco1 3.5v8 none starter


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Hi hope one of you guys can help on this one.

Went to start the Disco this morning to go to the donnington 4x4 show and it started and stalled after about 10 or 15 seconds. It seemed to be running rich as it started puffing black smoke out of the exhaust. There is a spark at all the plugs but they seemed very wet. It has not started since. I have cleaned all the plugs, checked the dizzycap and sprayed WD40 on eveyting. I am not that good with eletrics But i have tried to understand the EFI diagnosis in the tech archive but to no avail. It still wont start and now the battery is flat . Any help or suggestions please.

Am not happy because i had to go to the show in my wifes citroen c1. :ph34r:

Many thanks GARY.

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My bad, the design is such that if the sensor fails open-circuit it thinks it's freezing. Try shorting a small bit of wire across the sensor connector, that should make it think it's boiling, it will run lean instead. I wouldn't drive it hard or fast in that situation to be safe. Also check you are definitely looking at the ECU coolant temperature sensor, not the gauge coolant temperature sensor or the thermotime switch.

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Tryed shorting the connector and still did not start, so i removed the fuse to the fuel pump relay to starve it of the excess fuel and it tried to fire after a couple of turns of the ignition. Fitted the fuse back in and with a few coughs and splutters it ran.

Still unsure what the problem was or is but it is running fine now.

Thanks FridgeFreezer for the help. :rolleyes:

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