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introducing myself (belatedly!)


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hello Pugwash's brother here. I am totally new to the whole forum thing, hence the fact that i posted before i introduced myself, so sorry. Anyway, here goes. I am based in Cornwall, and have a 1994 300tdi 110 defender. It started as a standard H.C.P.U, and is now a drop side tipper with uprated springs and helper springs to give me a payload of about 1.75 tonnes! I have a P.T.O. superwinch (H14W) on the front as i kept burning out the X9 i had previously, so i also have 90inch rear springs on the front to take the 100 foot of wire. I cant use plasma rope as the truck is used for work which is forestry based. The truck is shod with 285/85/16 BFG mud terrains on weller eight spokes. It has turned into a bit of a monster over the last few years! It works hard for its keep, doing about 20000+ miles a year, towing a lot, and off road loaded regularly- to the tune of a clutch every year, and a recent trip to the weigh bridge to find i was slightly over the limit at 8.1 tonnes! Still, 'when the needs must...the devil drives!!!' Oak is heavy stuff when green!

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Hi western. The truck i think you are thinking of is the 110 belonging to "Go stump No stump" tree-stump grinding services, who is in Camborne, you may have seen mine though as i am based near tolgus tin/ gold site!

Most likely, I'm not far away from you, I'm sure you wouldn't miss my 110 if you saw it.

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