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Diff planetry pins, are they available?

Orgasmic Farmer

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Having now blown my 3rd diff in a row by snapping the pin that holds the planetary gears in place I just wondered if it was possible to get hold of the pin from somewhere to rebuilt a couple of them (some of the gears are toast but I reckon I have enough to make 2 diffs from the 3). In the past we have taken the pin from a series diff to keep mobile. If anyone has a couple on the shelf I would be interested. If they are available to buy from somewhere this would be an option too. Seems a shame to weigh them in. Finally if anyone want 3 toasted 10 spliners then you know where to come :lol:

BTW I really don't want to repair them as that will give me the motivation to fit the Patrol axles

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or £3.76 from Beam-ends. Looks like it is definitely worth it. Now who designed the thing so you have to remove the crown wheel to get the pin out!

Thanks for all the help. Just had a look and seem to have thrown out all the planetary gears and can't see them listed anywhere individually. Do they have a part number or are they only available as part of the gear kit (£120 gulp)

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