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Discovery 2 Alarm Issue


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Hi, I have just got my TD5 discovery and it has a curious Alarm/locking issue. It all works fine except for first thing in the morning it will not "plip" and i have to insert the key, unlock/lock it again, then it plips fine all day until the next morning! Very odd........anybody had this and discovered what it is??

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Somewhere in the dim recesses of my mind I recall seeing something about the alarm receivers in these vehicles. If the alarm ECU or the receiver thingy (which I think is a separate little black box up in the headlining, though I haven't had many dealings with this) receives continuous interference over a long period which it interprets as an attempt to signal it, it shuts down to avoid flattening the vehicle battery - because every time it hears a signal it "wakes up" to listen to it. That could be what is happening - may be something to do with where you park it at night?

I think the remedy was to fit a different type of receiver unit, but parking it in a different place might be just as effective. I'd guess your lock/unlock on the key probably resets the system and you park it in a different place during the day which doesn't have the interference, hence you don't have the problem during the day.

The bad news is that you probably (can't remember) need a Testbook/IDS diagnostic system to set up the new receiver and test it properly.

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