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bespoke portal drop boxes/axles

carl hurst

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Just got this months Petersons 4wheel and off road and saw these www.atomicaxles.com only a centre diff by the looks cant find much info elsewhere worth a look though

From what I've seen the Atomic Axles portals they're a bolt on kit for Dana 60 axles. Petersen's did a 'fit' article last August or September with them on their Fun Buggy. They didn't change anything in the axles from what I recall.

If you just bolt them on to standard (or after-market) axles you obviously gain width, but Petersen's overcame that by using massive negative offset wheels from Stazworks (is that the right spelling?!).

Basically the same principle as the Killer Axles portals above, but for Dana 60 axles.

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