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Today's bit of fun


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I went away for a bimble around the hills this afternoon & ended up with an unexpected challenge:


found a deserted Merc, having "failed to proceed" quite seriously :lol:

did a good job of it too - big 11.50 tractorgrip tyres, right out of sight:



As I've said on occasions it can be a bit soft here, even if it often doesn't look like much in the photos :lol:

No sign of the driver but I knew whose it was so thought I would try and shift it with the Milemarker - G-wagens are heavy bits of kit at the best of times, never mind when they're bogged out of sight on one side in a swamp! And nobody else around meant it was going to be a dead weight - should be a good test :)

First attempt just ripped a load of ground up dragging the 90 forwards, second attempt I spun the front wheels in using reverse gear, which just made a bigger hole (90 still moved forwards) so I had to wind out more Dyneema and drop the front down over a bank:


mid pull I got out for a look - you can see what sort of strain is on it by the suspension - with all the recovery kit in the back, the back normally sits slightly lower than the front, not at the moment though! must have been nearly on the bump stops I reckon :blink:

Shifted it so far but then the bank also started to move


but the Merc came out - just. I had to have both feet on the brake pedal to stop the front wheels turning (there was so much grip with all the weight on the nose that I couldn't keep the wheels locked with one foot)

So the Milemarker might be slow but I regret to advise I still haven't found anything that will stall it in low range. Damn I love that winch B)

Then the owner turned up with another guy in a 110 to pull it out - about 5 min too late having walked for an hour to get help :D

Later on in the afternoon, bit of a scenery shot


All in all a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon on the 3rd rock from the Antarctic :)

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