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To celebrate 40 years of Off Road Motorsport the All Wheel Drive Club is hosting a weekend of competition at Walter’s Arena near Glyn Neath in South Wales.

Comprising rounds of the club’s Trials, Safari & Challenge Championships this event will be an excellent opportunity for competitors from all disciplines to get together and enjoy a weekend of action packed sport. In addition, seperate Night Safari & Challenge events will give competitors the opportunity to try their hand at something different. These night events are entirely optional and do not constitute part of the championship events.

Camping will be available from Friday to Monday and toilets, catering and drinking water will be on site. Showers will be available from 4:00pm on each day of competition.

There is £10 cost for camping for all units in which people are sleeping, whether it be a tent, caravan or lorry. Camping passes must be displayed on all sleeping units.

There will be a Hogroast available on Saturday evening & a barbeque on Sunday evening, both for a nominal cost.

A marquee will form the hub of the event where all involved can gather in the evening for a social get together. A live band will play on both Saturday and Sunday evenings.

There will be an informal programme of activities for junior members in the evenings, the nature of which will be dictated by the weather and how many wish to take part.

As well as competitors lots of marshals will be required so even if you are not an active competitor, come along and join in the fun and help celebrate the club’s 40th in style.


Friday 23rd May 12:00 hrs

Campsite Opens

Sat 24th May 10:00-16:00 hrs

Howlin’ Wolf Challenge Round 3

Sat 24th May 19:00-22:00 hrs

Mini Night Safari

Sun 25th May 10:00-16:00 hrs

AWDC Safari Championship Round 3

Sun 25th May 10:00-16:00 hrs

FVT, Tyro, RTV, Open, Mod Trials

Sun 25th May 19:00-22:00 hrs

Mini Night Challenge

Monday 26th May 10:00 hrs


Full details and entry form can be found here



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Looks like a great weekend, and the challenge lot can get Mildly miffed saturday night, get up late sunday, spend all day nursing a hangover watching Trials and safari :D or fixing our trucks :unsure:

I cant wait!!! :D:D

Or you could get Mildly miffed saturday night, get up by 10 on sunday, enter the trial in your challenge motor, then enter the night challenge.... :ph34r::P

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Has the club though about redoing and upgarding those early cast AWDC Badges (like wot I have got one of and have no idea when and where I got it :(:blink: - Eeek ?)

For those that don't know the AWDC back in the er 80s made some very smart cast rectngular AWDC red and blue background with the AWDC LOgo on it Badges. Quite sort after no I hear :)

Just a thouight, a nice "40th" badge of decent cast quality would prob sell well and help the clubs coffers ?

Just a thought ?


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