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diesel heaters (Eberspächer)


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Hi guy's hope your all well, i've not been on for a while as im having to work for a living :lol: :lol: but not now as i have done my ankle in............so was out this morning trying to warm up the 110 and after running my diesel heater it cut out after 5 mins so i took the fuse out and then replaced it and it started to work again but only for 5 mins any ideas as to why it's doing this.......

This is the model i have, many thank's in advance


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Does it complete the startup cycle and then blow hot air or is it cutting out before it ignites properly? Does it have a manual thermostat wired in? There are quite a few manuals for Eberspacher heaters available on their website.
It has a thermostat wired in and it starts to get hot then cut's out, i have covered most of there tech problems of the site, i just don't want to rip it apart and break it further i have also checked the fuel supply and that seems to be working fine.
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Difficult to say without a fault code reader.

Looking in the manual, there are lots of things that'll stop it running; internal temp, motor over/under speed, fuel flow, low voltage etc.

Is your battery ok? IIRC, they cut out at 11.5V

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sorry for not getting back sooner, it is a 12v version it looks exactly the same as the 24v jobbie. I will have a better look tomorrow as my ankle is killing me at the moment (bloody rabbit holes) cheers for the help so far.

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mine did the same thing if you take the output cover off thus exposeing the alloy heating fins and run it with this off this allows a better flow of air so it runs cooler so then if it runs for a lot longer then it was over heating in which case get a service kit for it do the service and it should solve the problem that what i did with mine and it's been working fine since


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