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Nobody laugh right! 2000 2 litre diesel

how do you get the b%^$ly engine bay under tray off? i took the two [rounded off] bolts out off the rear brackets it would not move, bought a Haynes manual, so vague it did not help. Our workshops had a Td4 up on ramps for a clutch so i asked the fitter doing the job, he apparently had to drill out rivets ? i dont think thats right surely? i only want to change my oil and filters but i dont want to break anything by forcing it off :(

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Its an easy job given other things that can go wrong.....

2 x bolts at front near bumper

2 x screws through plastic either side of bumper at front

4 x bolts on rear brackets (sod these as you need a good quality spanner - can't get a socket on easily)

2 x smaller bolts on rear which are prob well rusted.

I removed all mine - cleaned up where I could then replaced some with new - standard metric thread.

Put some anti seize (copper slip) on the bolts when putting them back in for ease of removal next time!

hope this helps!

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