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LPG legislation, a question


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A supermarket near me, one of the so called greenest ones is refurbing its petrol station,

I thought that under government legislation that when you did a refurb that they had to install LPG tanks, seems it isn't so, anyone know the exact legislation before I contact South today and start throwing words like hipocrites about.

Cheers Bill

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No legislation that I know of to make people fit them...

They are generally loss making installations as the costs are not recovered for more than 10 years in very busy stations.

(More than 10,000 litres of LPG per week is considered MASSIVE....)

Compare that to a high performing fuels where they are selling nearly 400,000 litres per week per grade and you see why LPG isn't a really viable fuel for the mass marketers.... Probably going to be relegated to the fuel companies forecourts where their turnover per site is a fraction of that volume...

In Supermarkets they are usually battling to have enough pumps available of the popular fuels...... Not commercially viable to lose a high yielding pump to LPG that sits unused for days on end !

Sorry to say it but it's money and customer demands that make things happen, not the desire of the minority that would like the service to be available in more locations....



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Keep LPG rare, keep it cheap, the moment it is commercially viable Gordon with tax it to death!

Ah well must be an urban myth then, i thought that i'd heard it somewhere, be interesting to see the greenies reaction if he did tax it, considering how green its supposed to be, especially dear old red ken who will exempt it from congestion charge but only if its factory fitted.

Still to my mind it shows what old b***ocks all these green supermarkets are.

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Still to my mind it shows what old b***ocks all these green supermarkets are.

Everyone has a right to their own views....

It seems to me that you have a view on what is green that is based on a personal need / desire for LPG that's not necessarily in keeping with the majority of fuel users in the UK. It doesn't mean that ASDA, JS, Tesco , Morrisons are not doing a lot of things to be "greener" than they are now.... They pioneered commercial recycling many years ago, are building stores in a more environmentally friendly way, using refrigerants that aren't killing the Ozone etc. and are taking a responsible yet commercial view on making LPG available in more locations than there are cars are available to use it....

They are not angels, that is clear to us all just reading the press etc., but they are doing something.... What is BA doing ? What is RailTrack doing ? Not a lot...

At least car manufacturers are making vehicles up to 95% recyclable and investing in engine technology that will make better use of the worlds limited resources of oil, but I don't believe many if any are now making LPG only or dual fuel cars... I'm no expert, but if they aren't prepared to make the cars for the fuel, what does it say about it's commercial viability?

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Wow.. Found this.. More alarming that I thought....

"The Powershift grant scheme, which offered grants towards the purchase of a new vehicle running on LPG, or up to 50% off conversion to LPG, ended last year. Since then, sales of LPG cars fell from 3185 in 2003 to just 489 last year."

Probably answers some of the questions in terms of LPG fuel sales potential.....

And Uncle Ken is not helping.... The Powershift scheme is dead but... "it is only those vehicles on the powershift list that qualifiy for London Congestion Charge exemption..."

Surely this can't be right.....

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