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Rangie Classic Bumper Drawing


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Hello everyone,

Wonder if anyone can help. Im in the middle of refurbing a 89 Range Rover Vogue. Its a slow process but its going ok. I am looking for a new front bumper, and am thinking of making my own. I was wondering if anyone has any detailed drawings of a decent off road bumper to fit this vehicle.

Id really appreciate it as i could get to making it myself.

Cheers everyone


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I built a HD rear bumper for my rangie.

I just started with a piece of 100 x 100 x 5 box and went from there.

Cut one face off to leave a "C" section.

Cut two wedeges out to taper the front face and welded shut.

Fabbed up some wraparound bits for the ends out of odds and sods.

Made up some 5mm thick plates to weld in with bolt holes to pick up on the chassis holes.

All this done by me in my garage with a couple of angle grinders and a welder.

All you really need is time and patience. I am a novice welder.

You can see my bumper in my "Members Vehicles" thread.

Go for it!

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Can't see the pics myself either, but if you keep going through the thread there is some.

Just thought i'd post the link to save others searching for it, Technology makes up all a wee bit lazy He he

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