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2.5 BMW Diesel Turbo Question


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My daily driver (Vauxhall Omega) is fitted with the same engine as the P38a - well the turbo diesel version.

Hence my post here.

I've got a hot stalling/restarting problem.

The fix (temporary) is to pour cold water over the injection pump

Does anyone know what sensor etc is in the pump that might be causing me issues.


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This is typically assumed to be the fuel temperature sensor.

It is available as a seperate part from Bosch, as is the essential top cover gasket.

The sensor can be changed without removing the pump from the car, or upsetting the timing.

All the above is based on the Range Rover installation.

I suggest you approach Bosch GB direct, and see if you can find a 'Technical' person to talk to.

Most independant diesel specialists seem keen to wrap the parts and procedure in mystery, and either don't know, or will claim they don't know in order to sell you a new pump.

Unfortunately I don't have a direct contact name or number, nor part numbers.

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Frustratingly enough, it is something I've heard of, but can't remember the exact details.

It had something to do with, either the fuel quantity adjuster or the throttle position sensor within the pump.

The ONLY fix was for a replacement injection pump.

(This was discussed on a Technicians website a while ago, and I can't find the conversation in the archives)! argh!!! :unsure:

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