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MY starter has had a melt down. Marked 1986 so can't complain.

Had a search which told me not to buy Prestolite which is unfortunately the only make Google is finding me.

The previous thread said Bosch or Valeo.

So 1987 3.5 efi RRC. My catalogue says RTC6061N. The motor removed says Lucas 26801D Type M78R(1.4)

Can someone give me alternative Bosch or Valeo part numbers and, if you have it, the best place to buy?

Thanks in advance


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Bosch is one of the best IMHO

Camberley Autofactors - Liphook - on 01428 724801 ..........they want "Something" in excahnge :lol:

(sure there is one is petersfield too)

Nippon denso are also reknowned as very very good, don't know where as I couldn't find them hence I bough a Bosch.

DO NOT waste money on prestolite junk


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The part# for V8 Bosch starters is NAD101490. BUT, as you can see here, I don't think it will fit your engine.

Do a search for RTC6061NG and you'll find the Denso/Marreli starters for your V8.

No Bosch version for RTC6061 I'm afraid. I'm only 95% sure of this so maybe someone else knows better.

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Er ?....

Heres the other 5% then.

Camberley Autofactors p/n : BOS 1744

I have one..... and its on my V8 :lol: (Rimmers are frankly hopless and expensive too)

Just ask the factors for a 3.9efi 1990 starter, then the part number pops up.

Magnet Marreli :blink: went bust nearly 4 years ago , so thats a unit thats been sitting about, and the quality was iffy.....

Bosh or denso IMHO are the ones to go for ?


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Hybrid_from_Hell, for some reason (now obviously wrong) I thought you have a bigger V8 on your toy and seemed to explain things.

Back to the drawing board then ...

LR part #s for V8 "big" starters: ESR2191, ERR6087, NAD10038, NAD101190, NAD101490

LR part #s for V8 "small" (Lucas type) starters: RTC5228, RTC6061

The difference between the big ones and the small ones is the power and overall length, the power specs being 1.2, 1.4, 1.7, 1.8 kW. Obviously, the big ones were meant for the bigger V8s (or for colder climates). Other than that, the flange and all the rest looks the same:


For one small type example, the Prestolite one (found under part # RTC6061N) is obviously shorter and it has 1.2 kW:


The "big guns" are longer and they have 1.7 or 1.8 kW. The length for a Bosch 1.8 kW is 253 mm:


The starter Hybrid_from_Hell mentioned is:

- Bosch code: 0 986 017 440

- Bosch short code (custom code): 1744 (that is what "BOS 1744" stands for)

- Power: 1.7 kW

The more powerful Bosch version:

- Bosch code: 0 001 109 040

- short code: BX109040

- Power: 1.8 kW

"Denso/Marelli" means Denso-who-bought-Marreli-with-Denso-label-built-in-the-old-Marelli-facilities. See here: http://www.allbusiness.com/transportation/...g/258744-1.html or their website http://www.globaldenso.com

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Just to add to the above

The fat prestojunk type ones don't even fit mine - if you have any type of tubular exhaust bear this in mind,

I can't get the early BIG type starters on, has to be the smaller geared ones....

Yep, CAF want "Something" in exchange - with me they got a virtually seized 1987 RR Magnet Marelli one,

but they will do a surcharge and then refund when you take the old unit back :)


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