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How Is The Interior Light Wired

Ben Reedy

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I'm putting door switches in our RAF 90 but was surprised last night to find that the dashboard rocker switch seems to be "upstream" of the interior light, rather than "downstream" where I expected to find it, ie on the light to earth side.

Am I right? Would this be because of the need for the interior light to be disabled when the lights are in convoy mode?

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Guest diesel_jim

No, they're wired like that on civvy models too,

picture the wiring.... you have a live feed from the fusebox, going straight up to the bulb, then back down to the 3 position switch.....

this switch has 1) off 2) on and 3) on when you open the door

so it's easier to run a wire from the switch to an earth (which will give you position 2) "on") or straight to the door pin switches for position 3) "door activation"

For the light to be disabled in convoy mode, you just take the feed off of the back of the 6 way NATO switch on the NW (Brown/white) wire... this wire feeds the horn and headlight "flash", so is always live until you turn the switch to "convoy" or "convoy & side"... if you follow it down it goes to the fusebox to a 10A fuse (possibly in position 1) and then has a purple wire coming out.... so you could take the feed from that purple wire or just tap into the back of the 6 way switch itself and fit an additional fuse there.

hope that helps!

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Hmmm.... thanks Jim.

*scratches head*

When I pulled out the rocker switch last night (mine only has 2 positions btw) there was a heavy purple wire going to it, which I assumed to be coming down from the light. I earthed that to the black jack plug on the MOD panel, expecting the light to come on but it didn't.

*scratches head again*

Can you tell, I'm not an electrician?

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Guest diesel_jim

I suspect that the purple wire you found was a live feed. get a voltmeter, or just a 12v bulb, and stick that purple wire across it then another wire onto a decent earth. if it lights thne you've found the feed.

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Where is this 'fuse box' of which you speak?

I have found some glass fuses by the steering column and 2 additional in-line blade fuses in the engine bay but that is all, despite a fairly good search.

I should point out that it is an S3 LWT and at some point someone put a 2 1/4 diesel in it.

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