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Cold 2.5NAD


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Just wondering, after firing the ol' girl up last night to test the charging circuit on my newly fitted alternator and fan belt (bloody odd size, got three extras of differing sizes now as spares as I couldn't quite get the right one), as a side benefit I could check the water pump and circuit being good and sealed.

Previously with no water pump, 5 minutes running has seen the engine get reasonably hot such that you wouldn't want to take your pinkies near it for too long a time. But with the water pump now working and happily sat there ticking over for something like over 5 minutes (had to check all the lights were working) there was only the incy wincy hint of heat from the engine, I could even touch the block no problems!.

Is it just a factor of a 2.5NAD at this time of year that it takes blooming ages for it to get any heat into it or am I missing something out here :) if it's normal then time for a radiator muff ;)

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oh good thats alright then.

Shouldn't have over heated it, got it upto a point where putting your hand on the engine was uncomfortable.

Still got a full rad of water which would have slowly seeped out over the past two months since I last fired it up.

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Sounds normal. Make sure the thermostat is not leaking.

come to think of it, the engine has been stood for some time and the thermostat housing wasn't covered when I got it so maybe it's gunged up, shall buy a new one me tinks just to be sure, need a prop shaft tool anyway ;)

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