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window film


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in my boy racer days i used to have the rear windows of my Manta blacked out with a type of plastic sheet, slightly sticky, but with 1000's of tiny holes in it................. so you could sort of see throuh it at a distance but not close up.

cant remember what its proper name is or where to get it.

have looked on google but cant find anything

any ideas?



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Ive used the halfords stuff, if you lurk around the bargain bins then it was pretty reasonable pennies, the proper price was horrific though. It took 2 1/2 packs to do a Rangie, rear view mirrors tend to become pretty useless after its on though - I thought it looked pretty cool once it was blacked up. B)

My advice is to take the glass out, make sure the glass is immaculate before you start, have a plant sprayer filled with warm water and a few drops of washing up liquid, a window cleaners blade thing and have a few scalpal blades kicking around and when its on slap a bead of clear nail varnish around the edges to stop the film peeling back

ban cats from wherever you are trying to do it unless you want to be staring at a trapped hair on the side window for the rest of eternity :blink:

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