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Standard Tow Ball Height


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What's the 'standard' height for a tow ball? Regular, boggo, six quid from your local motor factor type, not a NATO jaw or anything fancy like that.

Got one to fit to the Rangie by the weekend, and I've no idea which holes to bolt it through (I can see which ones used to have a hook, but it'll have the 750s on* so it might need to go down one).

* Because it will probably have to tow trailers up muddy fields. Definitely not because it looks much cooler B)

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16" as far as I recall from the UK. I used the lowest pair of holes on my standard LR towbar when I fitted mine.

Talking of towbars ......

In Europe, things are simple - 50mm is your standard towball diameter. Period. Over here in Canada, there's an array of different-sized balls, all Imperial (Canada supposedly went metric about 20 years ago, but thanks to living next door to the USofA, metrication hasn't actually got very far. Balls come in 1 3/4". 1 7/8", 2", and 2 1/4" if not more different bloody sizes, and they don't fit with the normal European 2 horizontal bolts.

Now a standard 2" one here equates to 50.8mm; my standard UK 50mm ball is 0.8mm smaller. If I want to use a standard 2" hitch here, is there any real danger at all, as changing the bloody ball to a 2" one is not a simple bolt-on process.

I'm told that the U-Haul trailers for hire here have a hitch which'll fit both the 1 7/8" and the 2" balls, so it appears that the 0.8mm difference is rather immaterial.

Comments appreciated, please.

- Richard

PS - Be glad Europe has a totally standard "N" Connection for the trailer electrics. Here there's no frigging standardisation at all - there must be about a dozen different connections.

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One way around the problem would be to get someone in the uk to source a tow ball from an old uk car from before they all went metric. I am not sure when, probably 1960's or early 70's at a guess. That would give you a 2 inch ball which would fit your bolt holes.

I used to have a very old car transporter with a 2 inch hitch. It used to work on my 50mm towball fine for many years. Although it held securely, it would clunk a bit. I wouldn't recommend it though, as it isn't 'right'!



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