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I think we can all agree the thing has no appreciable axle travel whatsoever, hence it makes it look more extreme than it really is <_< . With supple suspension, there would be much less wheel waving in the air. looks good to the uninitiated though..... ;)

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Being a yank tank that thing's got wheelbase on it's side, as Les said bit narrow for a tank track.

Travel Vs Traction control: http://cs.stanford.edu/group/roadrunner/vi...ng-Narrated.wmv

I think I'd rather be cross-axled in a RRC than seasick in a Toerag :unsure:

It's a Nissan Pathfider from the 80s. IIRC, crappy torsion bar front suspension and leaf spring rear, part time 4wd, with an athsmatic little 2.4L petrol engine. Quite small overall, not much bigger than a 90 and far less capable. There were a few sold here in Oz. Definitely no yank TANK.

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