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Suggestions as to what I can use or Buy welcomed !

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Basically having now tested the 90 suspension mods I am happy that I can now "Finish Off".

One of the jobbies to do is to recover the front turrets, but, having these longer (for the much much much longer front shocks) means the LR Black 90 "Caps" that screw fix to the inner galv wing won't fit....they need to be taller.

I was thinking of welding up something, but they are going to be a bit of a RPITFA to do that way, so, I have thought about plan B.

Plan B.

Take the LR Black thingy, and saw off the "Mounting Face" this then could easily be extended by gluing / aralditing in to the "gap" a "Strip" of new extra Black plastic....

And now here the prob, what to use..... I have looked in both garage and workshop and a local ironmongers - can't find anything suitable.

It preferably...

1. Needs to be black (but not essential)

2. Has to be between say 1mm and 2mm thick

3. Has to be a plastic, but one that won't go 'keeeerbang' when I try to bend it into a 6 ish inch circle to glue to shape ?

4. A strip of say 1 to 1.5 inches would be superb, but I can cut from a sheet if I have to....

So,.............. WTF could I just "Nip out" and buy to use ??, and from where ??

....surely to god it can't be this tricky to think od something siutable ??,

at the mo my minds a blank,............................ but enough of my medical problems.... :P



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I'd ask the Andy if he has a cast off rubber sailors suit, he's bound to have one thats a little too snug these days - and cut that up

If he hasnt got a spare Ive used a tractor innertube or if you cant lay your hand on one of those (tyre fitters always have em) how about the old fave of a car footmat ? :)

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Would you like a nice simple, bling solution?

Make a template out of cardboard, plasticene, loo rolls & toothpaste tube lids for the rough shape you want.

Stretch some stretchy fabric over it. Tights (I expect you have some of these hidden somewhere :)) or thin felt work well. Paint it with fibreglass resin.

You wind up with a pretty strong 'plastic' shape complete with smooth compound curves etc.

I saw it on one of those custom car building programmes on TV where they were making a one piece center console with holes for gauges, drink holders etc. The end result looked fantastic - as if it had been blow moulded.

The great thing about it is, the former only sets the positions of the bits which need to be in specific locations like the mounting flange and the fabric forms nice smooth curves to join them together.

I've tried it on a fairly simple shape (a cover for a small, odd shaped motor) and it worked pretty well. I doubled the thickness by painting the first layer then stretching another bit of fabric over that and painting it again. It ended up looking very professional (for me anyway). Then I decided to use a different motor which didn't need a cover - so it went to live in the bin!

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Dolly's nearly there.

When fitting extreme front turrets we had the same problem.

But cos the shocks are also adjustable we needed to be able to access the tops quickly.

We found the best way is........

Take the orginal black plastic cover and cut out the center leaving the up standing edge.

Then take a 6inch lenght of inner tube (750 or 205)

Then fit htis over the up standing lip and pop rivet on as required.

Then to fit you use the existing screws for the cover, and to waterproof just put a cable tie round the end.

Quick simple and very effective.

I hope this makes sense :blink:

Jim :)

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having leafs, not totaly sure wot u r on about. but does it need to be mucho strongo?

from what I understandof the problem; cut the top off, about 1 inch from top. then rollup a piece of thin ali into a tube and join to top and bottom sections using rivets?

If you are really cunning, a food can may be found of the correct diameter and you cut the turret (cone shaped arn't they?) in the right spot. Make sure you eat the food first! :P

hmmm, the cone shape may complicate it for the food can solution but you can by coned ones - lidl pink salmon for example - I can measure one up if you want.

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