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Vague Steering

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Ive realised ive got lot of free play in my steering, I can turn the steering wheel about a tenth of a turn before the wheels start to move. The problem is that im not sure what I can do to stop this.

Any ideas and recommendations would be much appreciated.


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First thing to check i the nut on the steering drop arm. If that is loose it'll produce a lot of slack in the system. After that I'd look at the UJ's on the column.

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Only a 10th you lucky chap !

Not an unusual problem with this type of steering. There is adjustment, look for a stud and locknut

on top plate of the steering box. Careful as you can end up with the steering going very tight towards

full lock. But as Walfy says, check all joints first.

The MOT allows 75mm of freeplay. MOT Guide

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Also have a look at the Panhard Rod bushes, it ties the Chassis to the Axle in a diagonal direction, in front of the front axle. It's got a slight kink in one end so it misses the Diff pan.

Best to get a helper if you can, and while they rock the steering have a look at the bush ends, if they move a lot could be worth getting those replaced.

Another good place to check is the Ball joints on the front Tie bar, 2 ball joints, one on the end of the Drop Arm and one behind the Passenger side wheel.

PM me if you need pictures as to what I mean, bit hard to explain in text.



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