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England expects!

cheers matey

Well, if it's any consolation, I am doing my best to resist learning the language also! :) So I guess it evens out... And I've never worn a string of onions around my neck...

...in public. :ph34r:

Shame it's not just after Christmas when Andy is in town - we could have done a WBBSC Parisian Pubcrawl. B) Anyway, let me know.


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is Andy insisting on you taking him to one of his "specialist interest" clubs again?

his eyes lit up when he mentioned going to "Gay Paris"

...........sometimes I worry about him, I let you know when I have a clue myself :D what corner of the peripheric are you on? ping me over a lat/long and I'll bung in the 'pooter just in case.

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his eyes lit up when he mentioned going to "Gay Paris"

...........sometimes I worry about him...

No kidding...

There's no need to worry, Captain Ginger knows all the best 'clubs'. :P

Lat/long... er.. ri-i-i-ight. Um, it's right near the Trifle Tower - just look at the sky once an hour on the hour, and follow the sparkly lights... Sat nav? Who needs it!?!


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Yes - called in after the Belgium Nationals - very like Deliverance (for those of you who have seen the film - we camped overnight on the site - only saw a very small section but it looks great - we went underground but in the absence of a guide it got quite scary!

There's also quite a bit of interesting history abount the site

Here an except of an article I put into our club magazine:

The site is near a village called Ribencourt-Dreslingcourt about 130kms due South of Dunkirk. It's based in a Forest that boast 300 acres of off road driving - when you consider that Whaddon is about 60 acres it gives you some idea of the potential.

We found the site after driving out of the village up the side of a hill into what looked like forestry commission land in so much as the road was graded and it was heavily wooded. We arrived at the car part to what appeared to be a scene from Deliverance (for those of you who know the film!). The site owner lived in a house that looked like it was made of Pallets and there were some very dodgy looking characters around (as if anyone who lives in the forest five miles from the nearest brick building could be considered normal!!).

However the owner was very hospitable, spoke no English and French that was so heavily accented that Philip (my son and resident translator) couldn't understand a word of what he was saying. We weren't sure if he was inviting us for a drink or planned to have us for dinner (literally!!!) anyway we declined the invitation and set up camp after having decided that if any of was going to be eaten by the locals we would offer Jason (who is over 20 years old but looks 12) as a piece offering whilst the rest of us made a run for it!!!

The bits of the site we saw were fairly extreme but all could be driven with care - one of the big attractions is that there are miles of underground caverns that where mined out by monks hundreds of years ago (I think for building monasteries). We began to explore the underground bits in Ian's 90 but the roof started to close in and as we were without a guide we were concerned about losing our way - if fact as we turned round we did get lost and were saved by Mike O'Connor and his son (who are experienced cavers) as they were wandering around on foot!!

In fact the site has an amazing, and for me, fascinating history.

As the monks were mining the limestone out they took to much and the roof collapsed leaving the the five pillars still standing as evidence of how high the roof was - there was a picture of this in last month magazine as there was a picture of Ian driving his 90 out of the entrance to the underground route.

During WW1 the site was used by t he Germans to fortify their front lines and used by then as an ammunition store - there is still plenty of evidence of their occupancy.

the French regained control and then lost it again - we came across evidence of underground stables and lots of iron candle holders.

All in all the feeling was that this site is well worth and the visit, probably as a long weekend.


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