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A couple of months ago, I spoke to the people at Adrian flux about insuring my 90 hardtop. They quoted a couple of hundred quid for my wife and I, which seemed very reasonable. We only use it for playing around with, and going to places like seven sisters etc.

I came to sort out the insurance properly today, and was told that the company that they quoted me for last time no longer insures 'van' type vehicles, and that the new quote was nearly £400!

I offered to put some windows and seats in the back, but they said that as the vehicle had been manufactured as a hardtop, it could not be changed in the eyes of the insurers.

What a pain. Now I'm waiting for the NFU to come up with a quote for me. I went with them last year, but wouldn't look at my wife because of her age. Hopefully this year they will be a little more lenient. I have to put my wife on there, as she keeps on telling me how much she wants to drive it :D

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My Hybrids insured through Flux

£170 agreed value policy for "EVERY" modification limited to 6000 mile per year !

mods were listed on 3 A4 pages and no problems :)

How did you get in touch with them?

I just went onto their main website, and rang the main number. The NFU have just rung back and quoted £300 for the year including my wife, 6 years no claims and the mods.

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i pay £525 for both a C reg tdi truck cab and 99 td5 hardtop with the NFU and 6yrs NCD,

thats all mods declared, makes no difference to the prenium.

td5 - any driver over 25

tdi - sole driver

both fully comp

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Its amazing how different folk have such different experiences with insurers. I was with NFU for a couple of years and left in to total disgust and slight fear.

I provided all information on the phone and got the cover notes with correct details. When the policies came through, the details had changed - MJO on the number had changed to MTO, the V8 in the 90 had changed to a 2.5D. When corrected, it all seemed fine but when my renewal came through a year later, they were wrong again! :o

My fear was that if I had been in an accident and the policy used, they would claim that it was my fault that the poicy was not correct and refuse to pay.

The worst case was the Disco... I paid up, chased the policy two months later only to be told it was not insured !

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Agreed value of £170!

Did you have to supply an independent valuation and photo's?!


That was the premium..not the value...Lol


Yes I had to provide pictures of all 4 sides and the interior along with a full list of every modification.

that was it !

well the picture were before I added on or two small dents to the bodywork

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I'm with NFU for both 90 and Disco now. Gave them a couple of A4 sheets on mods to the 90 which best I can guess is only to substantiate any agreed value, not risk at all as even bullbars would have been ok but would have increased the 90's insured value had I had them fitted. I even supplied photos, shiney and and muddy (well swimming actually);


which may have been a mistake as the underwriters then asked the office to ask me 'what exactly I used the 90 for?' Well shopping, commuting,... it's a ute' isn't it. Anyway I'm always remembered when I ring now :D

My other favorite insurer that rarely gets a mention is CIS (Cooperative Insurance Company) though the level of service is very dependent upo your local rep. Def worth chasing down though.

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