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Water In Engine Sump


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Combination of factors at work here.............

Deep wading and stuck in a deep water hole, loose nut on oil dipstick tube = water mixed in sump with engine oil..........

Now without going into the obvious about this NOT being a good thing :)

? would this screw up the oil filter cartridge

? would this cause the guage to show low pressure or worse yet cause actual low pressure............

I removed the oil pressure relief spring thingy (its located on the side of the block on the 6 cyl) and did a quick start up.........seems to be lots of oil pumping out there...............

opinions please.............

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Hi Dave,

What a bummer ! :o Just how much water did get in ? Is the oil around the rockers "creamy" ?

When hot engine oil meets cold water in the sump/block it is like the proverbial sh$t hitting the fan.

Water causes the oil to coagulate and this blocks the oil filter and blocks other narrow passages.

You must change the filter and do a couple of engine flushes and then change the oil at short intervals for a while as it clears itsef out.

If the water was dirty then you will have very fine dirt in the oil and that can cause serious engine wear.


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Adam thats exactly what it seems to have done.................

I'm cleaning everything up, the filter housing passages, washing

the filter, the oil pressure sender switches and i'll flush the system with a light oil and kerosene mix.........

I'll change the filter too if i can find one in this wilderness :)


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Yes, Des as in brown bears............. true test of manhood :)

This tenderfoot heads up to the Yukon and drops into a saloon, wonders why everyone is ignoring him.......so he asks what do i have to do to fit in up here?........... Guy says you have to wrestle a Grizzly bear............and copulate with a native woman ............ Off he goes, he's gone for over a week and one night returns to the saloon all scratched and cut up and his clothes are torn to bits................ He walks straight up to the guy and asks........... wait for it......................

Now where is this native woman you want me to wrestle :) :) :)

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Just back from a looooong day on some wonderful :P desert tracks, (in temps of 41 degrees celcius in the shade :blink: ) along part of the Nabatean Spice Route in Southern Israel with a load of Korean tourists - so I missed all this banter.

Didn't realize words like 'coagulate' are too big for the forum :o

Next thing you know and Des will be changing my signature for ever ;)

Dave - you can't clean oil filters, just as one should refrain from cleaning standard air filters. If I were you I'd do the next couple of oil changes in quick succession - like first one after 20 kms or so and the next one after a few hundred kms. If the oil still looks shody after two changes then do another couple of quick changes.

Good Luck


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Yesterday was just a tad (41 celsius in the shade :o ) to hot for nice pics but I found a couple of shots in my picture libary. Although hot we generally do not use aircon as the heat here is very dry so while driving with the windows open it is perfectly bearable :D .

View from the Top of Mt. Gvanim in Machtesh Ramon (a unique geological feature found only in this part of the world).


View of the ruins of the Khan Sahronim way station - one of the way stations built over 2000 years ago by the Nabateans to serve the camel caravans that plied the Spice Route. Just to the right, and below the ruins, is a spring.


View of the Landrover trail that runs from the Khan Sahronim ruins west along the length of the Ramon Machtesh towards Mount Gvanim (the top picture).



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Thanks All for your suggestions...............

Problem now fixed................ Filter housing removed and cleaned, stuck relief valve in housing sorted, oil and oil filter re-newed, new mechanical guage installed........

Pressure 35 psi on idle, nearing 60 psi when reving up.............. thats on a cold engine, i'm sure it will fall a bit under heated conditions........

Nice pictures Adam............ lot of history there...........

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