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series track rod ends with plain shank


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After reading a letter in one of the LR mag that discussed track rod ends and the dangers of fitting the wrong one, I realise that I should have fitted tre's with a plain shank instead of those that are threaded all the way.

The ones I fitted a lemforder (sp?) and are meant to be oem, hmmmmm.

Any one know who sells the ones I need?

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I actually read a rather complex explanation about the two types of TRE and the associated dangers of using the wrong one. If I remember correctly, if you use the one that's threaded all the way and then is plain without a 'waist' for about 5mm, if you attempt to screw the TRE all the way into the tube, then the plain part will open the tube and therefore make the rest of the thread lift also. In this manner it'll be relatively easy in certain situations to pull the TRE out of the tube. The waisted type will of course not do this, as the threaded shaft is narrower immediately after the thread has finished.

As far as I remember this is the danger, but you would be wise to find out for sure.

The worrying thing is I've only ever been asked if I want left or right hand thread whenever I've bought a TRE, so perhaps this is a danger that people shoudl be more aware of.

Les. :)

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I was hoping nobody would ask but there is always one, John :angry:

According to the learned letter writing geezer, there are 2 types of track rod and 3 types of track rod end.


1. plain part at end then threaded

2. threaded to the end

1. tre has plain shank, fits 1. above. If fitted to type 2. it will splay the end

2. tre is threaded all the way.

3. tre has rolled thread

now the danger is that if tre 2 is fitted to rod 1, like I have, the clamp is clamping onto the threads instead of a plain shank as it should be.

Worse still is rolled thread types, the diameter of the non threaded part is less that the one with trheads so if fitted to rod 1, then the rod myst distort in orer to clamp.

hope that makes sense - the geezer sent some pictures and if peeps are find hard to imagine, I may well be forced to post them up. :angry:

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