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fuel filter

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hi , what is the correct procedure for replacing the fuel filter on a 300tdi def ?

do i need to depresurise the system any way ?



Nope, just unscrew the dirty one and screw on the new one, then start the engine & run it for a few minutes it will self bleed :D

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Start the engine and let it idle don't rev it AT ALL or it will stop and then you will have to bleed it!!

It will idle for about 5-10 sec then you will hear the revs drop slightly and it might "hunt" a little as the air is purged from the system, then the revs will pick up again and once they have, Robert is your mother's brother :)

If the vehicle has a sedimentor bowl you can bleed that in the same way after draining/cleaning but I am told you must not do both at the same time or it will die, i.e. clean sedimentor, let it bleed and run for a bit, then change fuel filter, and bleed again.

No pressure in a Tdi fuel system. To be honest even on petrol EFI systems where there is pressure retained in the system, it's much easier to just hold a rag round the union when you undo it, than arse around with the "ofishul Land Rover fuel system depressurisation procedure" - all you get is a "ffft" when you loosen the union and that's it :)

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