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ARB solenoid blowing out oil mist


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In theory they shouldn't, but in reality most ARB's blow some oil mist out of the exhaust solenoid when disengaged, even if you change the 2 O rings and the internal seal they can still do it,

this seems to cause more of an irritation than a big oil leakage problem,

an easy and cheap way to stop this oil building up in the compressor area is to remove the exhaust :


and fit one of these and some 6mm air pipe :


part number is KQH06 - M5 made by SMC fittings, M5 to 6mm pipe :


then just poke it through the body to vent outside to stop those EP90 nasty niffs!

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Nice one Dave ,

I had the seals go once , fitted some quality Viton O rings and no probs since , although im running it in EP140 so i guess its harder for the oil to pass .

I do have a nasty niff in the cab but only when Lard is co driving and im on side slopes :hysterical:

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Great tip, Dave!!!

My front locker did this really badly when it first got it (left a visible circle of oil on the bulkhead every time you disengaged) and it was terrible. Appart from the smell the EP90 collected behind the seats and mixed with mud. Not nice.

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I did something similar to a customers vehicle once but threaded a piece of 3/16" brake pipe to screw into the exhaust valve, and then slipped a bit of windscreen washer tubing over this and fed it down through the floor. Not as neat as yours but stopped the smelly tide coming in inside the cubby box :)

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EP90 a nasty niff? you sound like the Mrs! :rolleyes:


Every time I drain any EP oil at home the Mrs comes flying in the garage saying there must be a gas leak dont touch the lights , Bless her .

I wouldnt mind but I dont have gas , Well not in the garage anyway :lol:

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I managed to whip something up using some off the shelf air fittings, an adapter in the 1/4in air-fitting and some jb weld with the original exhaust (minus screen) works fine and cost about $10.

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