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Petrol in a diesel


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Yesterday my wife managed to put £10 of petrol in our td5.

It wasnt started afterwards!

i drained the tank and put about £20 of diesel in! we had removed the filter at the time and refitted it.

it started up and drove for about 200 yards then stipped. i assume it air in the system.

i have tried bleeding it using the methods i have been told to use! turning ignition on wait 30 seconds turn it on repeat 6 times. and crank till it starts also turn the ignition on pump the trottle 5 times engine light flashes and the pump primes the system.

Neither of these have worked and i cant hear the pump running in the tank.

Anyone got any ideas anyone? :blink:

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If you can't hear the pump at all (even with head underneath fuel tank) then the pump is f**ed - it should come on with the ignition in pos 2, run for about 30 sec and then switch off.

Floor up, new pump if so, but its not too bad to do with basic tools. Just don't slop diesel over the carpet in the back!

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Guest mortus

petrol shouldnt have damaged the pump, take the filter off in the engine bay, and turn the key to make sure diesel is being pumped through. the amount of petrol to diesel in your tank a the moment shouldnt (dont hold me to this) cause any damage.

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If you can't hear the pump running the pump is and I quote f**ed. A very technical expresion for this problem. I've had experiences of the fuel pump relay going as well so could be a possibility.

The fuel pump wails really loud when the tank is empty especially with the fuel tank filler top off.

Turn inginion key to second pos.

No noise no fuel pump working simple as that.

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Jeeze, i would have thought it would give that TD 5 a shot in the "arse"... :) how could petrol "screw up" a fuel pump, liquid is liquid......worst case scenario, petrol made it's way into the cylinders....... Hope you work it out........!!

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Filter in the engine bay - where's that then?

I didn't know TD5 Disco's had two fuel filters :blink:


Not covered in school curriculum I guess :lol:

Mortus, whether petrol damaged it or whether it was coincidence that it went pop, if the pump isn't running and a hum can't be heard, then it's f**ed or there is another related (electrical) problem - either way the pump is not running! In such cases 90%+ of the time the pump will have expired and as I have been working in the LR business since you were 4, I have seen a few expired Td5 pumps. I have not seen any fuel filters in a Td5 engine bay!

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