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well get on with the story and picsm, anyone would think your tired or summat ?

as my wife would say

"You have only been out enjoying yourself - how can you be tired " ? :lol:

Great news, congrats and hope your walking normally agin, stiffness in the limbs is only dreadful for the fist 6 days :P


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one of many landslides


terminator hill: that rangie is at about 45 degrees, the hill was about 1 km.


replacing another CV on my 110, second one in 2 days. We later had to leave it behind with a broken diff.


random picture of landrover in a hole

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I didnot have the chance to take many pictures of the competition, too busy marshalling and building bridges.

I was part of the x-men group, going ahead of the competitors, trying to make the track sort of pasable.

2005 was awesome, Wish I could have taken my own truck to compete!

On this link, there are some competition pictures:



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I love that RR, and that damage and it still looks like it's drivable. :blink: Absolute Magic

Trev, thats before we started. She was on its roof while setting up the prologue stages.

It proved invaluable for clearing jungletracks (hence the name bull dozer), and was the most reliable car in our group. Its on volvo axles, has a 4ltr toyota diesel in it and is fitted with a PTO winch which used to be on a ship.


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