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Workshop Manual - 2dr RRC


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Hi people, i`ve managed to download the RAVE manuals hoping these would be better for my 78 2dr than the haynes, but they only go back to mid eighties 4dr rangies. Does anyone have or know where I can obtain, an electronic workshop manual for the earlier rangies?

Thanks, in advance, Nick

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Thanks for the heads-up re: the Heritage Motor Centre. As soon as they have a Vista compatible one I`ll order it from them. In answer to why the electronic? I have an old lap-top set up in a tool cart which has all the shop manuals for my vehicles on it - just handy being able to scroll through things (you can also make back-ups of it which is handy). it just seems to suit the way I work on cars. Also the genuine manuals are like rocking horse poo over here in NZ - I have a parts-book (genuine) but have never seen the manual. If I did i`d probably like to keep in in as good condition as possible due the the rarity and photocopy pages out to work on.

Of course if any of you guys can find them cheap over there, let me know and i`ll buy one from you/through you :P

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