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Raised rear shock mounts


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I am looking for raised rear shock mounts for my 300 tdi 90. I ideally want 3.5-4 inches. Are there any available anywhere, or is it a case of custom fabrication.



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while there are plenty of suppliers for lowered mounts getting the right raised mount can be difficult. You might try Gwyn, Scorpion,.. but at the end of the day you are probably best making your own to match the shocks of your choice.

I guess with a 3-4" rise in the mount you've got some 12" travel shocks planned, nice. If you end up using eye to eye though you may need to raise the top stil further to compensate for the pin/eye converter on the axle.

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Problem with raised top mounts is dependant on how high you go

1. Body / floor / wheelbox probs.

2. The top shock mounting is in "Air" no structural strength other than what they are made from, and the higher you go the more strain on the plate and mounts and chassis.

3. I have made mine out of 10mm plate and they are plus 3/4 inch !

4. For higher you will need to have an "Arch" so the each end is mounted sharing the strain.

5. the shock mount most likley will need to have the shock thrown far forwards towards the front of the LR, this then places the shock in a more forward position and more prone to damage.

6. Bushes, you'll need to get the angles right or the chances are you will tear the ends off under the stress.

7. A Frame ball joint is limited to 17.5 degrees movement, more than this and you will bend if not tear the plate the ball joint mounts to under cross axle situations.

8. As you move upwards (due to canister size of the shock) you loose movement, I played around with some ridiclous long shocks, but decided that in the end the angle of the shock (damage) top mount work (hours of fabrication binned) meant that I was gaining little extra over wehat I have now with a load of side effects I didn't wnat..



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